Dust Monitor Applications

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of installations around the world, the number of applications for our monitors is staggering and continues to grow by the day. Attached is a sampling of areas where we have found some of the greatest needs for our dust monitors over the years and continue to support with our solutions. While we have supplied solutions for all areas of heavy industry including steel, cement and coal power generation, we have also found great applications in food, pharmaceutical, and paint factories.

Dust Monitor Application notes available for download

Bag Filter Management – Wood Industry

Measure dust concentrations after filter units to quickly identify broken bags. Plant must be ensured that the air recycled back into the
workshop does not have excess dust.

Cement Manufacturing

Solution required to optimize filtration system and minimize product loss.

Dumo Metallurgical

Measure the ambient dust concentration  trends in a sulfur factory to manage explosion risk and improve worker safety.

Dumo Sulfur Plant

Measure the dust concentration trends in an ambient workshop environment to help monitor the function of extraction systems in the area.

Dust Control System – Smelter Industry

Accurately measure the dust concentration from the stack emissions in order to report figures to the government authorities.

Emission Monitoring – Bioethanol Industry

Develop a continuous emissions monitoring system for four stacks to measure and report dust concentrations.

Emission Monitoring – Chemical Industry

Find an alternative solution for official continuous emissions monitoring to report to authorities.

Emission Monitoring – Power Industry

Accurately measure the dust concentrations from the stack emissions in order to report figures to the government authorities.

ESPY Coal Fired Power Plant

Monitor efficiency of dust removal immediately after an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

Process Monitoring – Chemical Industry

Monitor filter bag compartment in an atex 22 zone to identify any breakages in the filters or increase in dust loss.

Process Monitoring – ESPY Steel Industry

Monitor the dust concentrations immediately after the Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) to control the effectiveness of the dust collector.

Process Monitoring – Pharmaceutical Industry

Monitor the filtration systems of the dust extraction systems to avoid contamination in the workplace.

RF Network – Paper Machinery

Measure dust concentration after filter units for early detection of broken bags. Due to heavy cabling costs, plant requested a wireless system of monitors.

Steel Manufacturing Process

Solution required for problem with downtime in production due to filter breakages.

For more detailed information on your application and dust measurement needs, contact your local Sintrol partner.