S303 / S303 Ex Dust Monitor

Sintrol S303

Trend monitor with 4-20 mA output for continuous dust measurement

Continuous trend monitor that gives plant operators to see the performance of the filtration systems and ducts over a period of time.  Perfect for installation after any filtration system or in common line channels leading into the emissions points of a plant.

State of the art Inductive Electrification principle minimizes the need for maintenance on the  dust monitor and provides an accurate trend for end users.  4-20 mA output combined with an easy to use auto-setup feature that takes less than 30 minutes from installation makes the device both convenient and reliable.


  • Easy start-up and commissioning
  • Rugged design for harsh industrial conditions
  • Proven technology
  • Accurate dust measurement
  • Extremely wide measurement range
  • Detection limit of 0,01 mg/m3
  • Multipoint calibration
  • Normalized measurement response
  • 4-20mA, RS485, USB, two status
  • relays and wireless option
  • Local display, user interface and 3 color status LEDs

S303 Ex is IECEx/ATEX approved

Ex model is suitable for Zone 20, 21 and 22 inside and Zone 21 and 22 outside the duct.