Vulcan 12C-2C furnace camera


Vulcan 12C-2C is a High Temperature Imaging System for combustion process monitoring utilizing both visible light and infra-red technology.

Vulcan 12C-2C is suitable for high temperature applications where the flame temperature and shape are of particular interest. This includes a variety of burner applications such as lime and cement kilns. The system utilizes a high-tech combination of electronics, optics and protection to produce high quality, reliable video, and data in processes where visibility is good even by the naked eye. Typically the camera is used in conjunction with Pyro-Viper-HD –software which enables temperature measurement across the whole area of the video image enabling automatic combustion control.

The device helps maximize efficiency and capacity by showing fuel and airflow in the burning zone inside the kiln in color video. This also accommodates reducing build-up resulting in fewer shutdowns and lower maintenance costs. Vulcan 12C-2C is specifically designed for processes where the flame shape is of particular interest and where there isn’t smoke, ash, or haze obstructing the view. For poor visibility applications, we recommend the Vulcan 12MP.

System Features

  • Quick-change system design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Proprietary Bright Image Optical System for sharp images
  • Wavelength optimized electro/optical system
  • Indestructible STEELON™ housings to protect electronic components
  • Advanced lens design for low air consumption
  • Wide field of view and easy assembly/ disassembly
  • High performance, ruggedized imagers for increased durability and life span


  • Radiometric camera with an image processing and analysis software for temperature measurement, image processing and data management
  • Automatic retract assemblies
  • Air filtration systems
  • High temperature camera housing (IP66)
  • Digital recorders, monitors, switchers and other video equipment
  • 12 VDC power supply with NEMA 4X Enclosure and 4.5 m (15 ft.) power cord
  • Regulator assembly with 2 ea. 4.5 m (15’) quick disconnect air lines
  • Fiber optic, coax, Ethernet, or wireless video/ data transmission