S101 / S103 Filter Monitor

Dust Monitors for broken bag detection

The S100 series is a basic cost-effective dust monitor to give an indication of changes in dust levels from the gas flow. This robust and sensitive monitor can be used in duct sizes with a diameter of less than 1 meter. The S100 is a real-time continuous dust monitor and will monitor for leaking or broken filters.


  • Detects any particulates in the air-flow
  • Very fast response to any dust leaks
  • S101 comes with two relays to indicate dust alarms
  • S103 comes with an active and isolated 4…20 mA output
  • Rugged, IP66 rated design for harsh industrial conditions
  • Visible Green, Yellow and Red LED to indicate dust levels
  • Easy start-up and commissioning due to Self teaching Auto Setup function
  • Selectable FAST, MEDIUM and SLOW response models
Sintrol S-Series