Sintrol celebrates anniversary

Sintrol Oy celebrates 40th anniversary this year. While two persons started the company at 1975 in Helsinki it has expanded to operate in Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine with over 60 professionals. In Russia Sintrol began to operate in the year 2007. Sintrol also has offices in China and India. Nowadays Sintrol as privately owned company is important partner to basic and engineering industry in Finland.

From the beginning our operations in Finland and in its subsidiaries have been guided by the Sintrol’s original values ​created by the founder Mauri Sinervä of well-being of our customers, collaboration and productivity. Subsidiaries have contributed more financial stability and special expertise to the group in different business areas.

Accurately measured – Thus Sintrol celebrates its 40th anniversary it is still the innovative company in the process and automation industry sector and is believing boldly into the future. We head there with great confidence and with our customers.

Karl Ehrström
Sintrol Oy