Case: Emission Monitoring at Spanish Power Industry


Measure dust concentrations in the stack as part of a continuous emissions monitoring system for environmental regulatory control.


A Spanish coal fired power plant was looking for a solution to measure its dust emissions from the stack. After the turbine process, the air is filtered using a baghouse and then released into the atmosphere. Due to the QAL 1 standard of European legislation, which certifies that the manufacturer’s instrument has been evaluated and passed the EN standard, the monitor equipped needed to be TÜV certified for this application. The application was also challenged by the process temperatures in the power plant, which reached as high as 400–500°C at the point of measurement.


Sintrol provided the power plant a customized S305 monitor equipped with a special configuration for the high temperature application. In addition to the monitor, a longer probe was provided to allow the electronics to stay further away from the process temperature. For further protection a cooling socket was provided to the plant that improved the cooling process from the stack to the electronics. The S305 monitor is TÜV certified to the QAL 1 standard, enabling the plant to meet the regulatory needs. The customer also looked into opacity meters as an option and chose Sintrol due to its reliability and lower cost. After the initial installation was complete and running, the customer purchased two additional units for other emissions points in the plant.

At Sintrol, we are committed to implementing solutions for our customer’s problems. Our products are based on our unique Inductive Electrification technology and developed using a flexible modular-based platform that allows us to tailor our products for the customer. While many dust monitoring systems are tailored towards the government-regulated emissions limits, there are intermediary measurement points that can be just as critical to the costs and regulatory compliance of the end-user. Managing the filtration systems is not only good for emissions but also a strong indicator to help with maintenance and overall plant costs.

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